Paleo Diet Cookies Discover How To Make Simple Yet Delightful Macadamia Cookies The Paleo Way


By: Sam Hutchinson

Well, because Im about to present to you a paleo style macadamia cookie recipe that is so simple to makeyet taste absolutely fabulous!

Okay! Okay! Im sorry about that look-at-the-ceiling-and-smile talk. I know I sound like a fruitcake Thing is Im SO GLAD to finally discover some easy recipes for making paleo diet cookies.

Look, Ive been on the caveman diet for several months now and I had been craving cookies almost on a daily basis!

Sometimes I felt like sprinting to the nearest cookie store and get bags and bags of cookies. Macadamia, pecan nut, walnut, almond, hazel nut cookiesWhatever!

I just wanted to eat some cookies for heavens sake!

But since Ive been following this healthy Paleolithic diet pretty diligently, I therefore should avoid preservatives and processed sugar. And thats a bummer because most retail cookies are packed with these ingredients…

So how now brown cow?

Well, thats not a problem anymore since I stumbled upon a set of paleo cookbooks while browsing the net. Now I can bake quite a few varieties of paleo diet cookies.

One of them is the macadamia nut cookie recipe which Im going to share with you now. By the way you can check out the cookbooks by following the link right at the end of this recipe.

Youll not only find recipes for paleo diet cookies, but also recipes for chicken, meat, seafood, snacks, omelets etc in those cookbooks.

Okay lets go straight to our macadamia cookie instructions

Youll need – – > 2 cups of macadamia nuts, 3 egg whites beaten till stiff peaks, 1 tbs of raw melted honey, 2 tsp of ground cinnamon, 1 tsp of pure vanilla extract.

Directions – -> Drop cinnamon and macadamia nuts in a food mixer. Add vanilla extract and honey. Next, combine the mixture with the beaten egg whites.

Pre-heat the oven to 180 C. Scoop the mixture with a teaspoon. Put each teaspoon of mixture on a piece of well greased cookie sheet. Baking time should be approximately 15 minutes at 180 C.

Okay were done!


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Fat Loss Factor Review

There are so many different ways to lose weight. Problem is that most are pointless. I found these 10 tips inside of a product that I got online. I’ll let you know at the end of this article what really changed me.
1 – Cardio. Running, biking, jump rope, you name it.
2 – Let your body digest food properly before bed. At night, you want your body to burn fat, not digest food.
3 – Eat 5-6 small meals a day. Small meals make your metabolism run faster.
4 – Increase your fruit and veggie intake. Fruits can be a low calorie energizer
5 – If you go to a party, focus on the people and not the food.
6 – Make sure to stay hydrated, at least 8 cups of water a day.
7 – Stay away from high fat foods.
8 – Find a skinnier picture of yourself and use that as motivation.
9 – Try using stairs instead of an elevator.
10- Measure your progress every day. This can help you keep track of your daily progress of weight loss, motivate you and boost your confidence.
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How To Make Paleo Cookies The Hidden Art Of Making Mouth Watering Paleo Cookies


By: Sam Hutchinson

This paleo cookie recipe is pretty simple actually. Sorry! See, I was watching a kung-fu flick the other day, and the main character was talking about learning the hidden art of tiger claw technique. And I thought that sounded really cool!

Truth of the matter is I came to know a lot of delicious paleo diet recipes from a collection of downoadable cookbooks. There is huge selection of recipes in there, not just cookies mind you

So there you go. No hidden art I learned how to make paleo cookies from downloadable cookbooks.

Anyway, you can check out the paleo diet cookbooks at the bottom of this recipe.

Okay! With all that cleared up, lets get down to business on making those tasty paleo diet cookies!

Youll need – -> 3 egg whites, 2 tsp of ground cinnamon, 1 tsp of ground nutmeg, 2 cups of pecan nut meal, 2 tbs of melted honey, and a fan-forced oven.

Step-by-Step Directions:

1. Plug in your fan-forced oven and pre-heat it to 180 C.

2. Plop all ingredients in a bowl with the exception of egg whites. Mix up the ingredients well.

3. Get another bowl, put the 3 egg whites in it and beat them until they form stiff, firm peaks. Next, in a gentle manner, fold egg whites that were beaten just now into pecan nut meal.

4. Now take out a sheet of baking paper and lay it out on the baking tray. Scoop small pieces of mixture and put them onto the tray.

5. Bake until fully browned. Should take about 15 minutes or so.

Alright, go aheadEnjoy your pecan nut cookies paleo style! Now that you already know how to make paleo cookies, why not try your hands on other delicious and interesting paleo recipes like banana custard, coconut citrus cake, meatball minestrone, special paleo chicken skewers and more?


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Healthy Foods To Lose Weight


A healthy weight loss regime is to reduce calorie intake, providing the nutrients needed by the body. Strict diets and excessive physical efforts are not an option indicated. Our body needs food and slow changes in physical activity. For example, a sedentary person should not begin directly with a gym or exercise demanding, because you get a result opposite to that desired. Not only that fatigue will be installed to discouragement and abandonment of any other attempts of this kind, but the person will be at risk of injury.

In addition, strict diets amounts to a vicious circle: we lose a few pounds, which put them right back, sometimes in larger numbers (the famous yoyo effect), then adopted a new weight-loss regimen to get rid of added weight because the first diets.

An effective weight loss program should include:
healthy eating
balanced nutrition
Physical activity frequency

Weight loss and caloric needs

The body uses food for energy. Surplus energy is stored as body fat. Thus, if a person consumes more than the body needs for daily activities and cell maintenance, it will gain.

To lose weight, you must use the body fat deposits. The most effective way to achieve this is:
reducing the number of calories consumed
increasing physical activity levels

This explains the fact that nutritionists focus equally on diet and physical activity.

Reduce consumption of calories and not changing eating habits to lose all your favorite sweets. Instead, they can be consumed, but in moderate amounts, for example, only on special occasions.

A reduction of 300-500 calories a day, has the weakening effect of 1 kg per week.This is a realistic objective, which, though it may seem a little, equates to a weight loss of 18-20 kg per year!

Small steps, but sure

Small changes can have unexpectedly large effects. Thus, in addition to eating a biscuit a day, you can gain weight by 2.5 kg per year – and you give up that cookie equally weak.
It’s easier to replace whole milk with the (semi)-skimmed or to find time every morning for breakfast but to adapt to the strict rules of a diet.
You have to think about weight loss as a permanent change your eating habits. While weight loss goals are set within a few weeks, the ultimate goal is to maintain the gained weight within a few months and even years.
There are no shortcuts to healthy weight loss and easy to maintain. Calorie diets (less than 1500 calories per day) weakens the body, are hard to follow and not a lasting solution.

Reduce consumption of calories

To lose weight you must consume fewer calories than your body uses. This does not necessarily mean that we should eat less. We can continue to enjoy your favorite foods and also to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle, using simple methods:

Preparation of variants of favorite dishes, but with fewer calories – calories by substituting ingredients rich in fruits and vegetables. Water and fiber in fruits and vegetables give volume, so you can eat the same amount of food but consuming fewer calories. Fruits and vegetables are low in fat and calories and are filling.
Alegele sorts of dairy products and lean meat. They not only help you lose weight, but also prevent high blood pressure.
Take daily exercise. Engage in any type of physical activity – dancing, gardening, walking, tennis or golf. All this helps you have a good mental and physical condition, while getting rid of extra pounds.

Resumption of physical activity

Choose an activity enjoyable and easy to perform, in terms of location and cost, which is integrated into the routine. Even light physical activity – walking for 20 minutes – can be beneficial if done most days of weeks.

There are numerous ways to increase physical activity: team sports, aerobics sessions, jogging, walking, swimming and cycling. All this will help burn calories and fat.

If you really want to change your life and improve the quality of your health click here to see

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Paleo Fish Recipes Here S A Step By Step Recipe For Making Grilled Rainbow Trout With Salsa


By: Sam Hutchinson

Some of my favorite paleo fish recipes are baked salmon with pistachio, lemon and chili as well as Tuna potato patties.

My little nephew absolutely loves the latter! The following recipe has also been added to my favorite list and the best part is I just learned how to do it only a few days ago. I had the whole process down pat from the get-go!

But I had step-by-step instructions on how to do it though. I just followed the instructions outlined in some download only Paleolithic diet cookbooks.

They have all kinds of recipes in there including paleo fish recipes. So far, Ive only tried a handful of recipes from the digital cookbooks and they all turned out alright.

You can check out the link after the following recipe.

Okay without further ado, lets buckle up and learn how to make grilled rainbow trout with salsa paleo style!

Fish Fillet Ingredients

2 large rainbow trout fillets

2 tsp of ground black pepper

A small handful of fresh dill

4 cloves of garlic

cup of lemon juice

1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

A small handful of parsley

Salsa Gravy Ingredients

1 diced avocado

2 tbs of apple cider vinegar

1 cup of cherry tomatoes, halved

1 bunch of finely chopped parsley

1 tbs extra virgin olive oil

1 diced red capsicum

Cooking the Fish Fillets

1. Saut garlic with a tsp of olive oil

2. Place fillets in an oven bowl. Next, rub the fillets with parsley, dill, lemon juice, sauted garlic and black pepper.

3. Cover then place in the fridge for about 40 minutes.

4. Pre-heat oven to about 180 degrees C

5. Place oven bowl containing fish fillets in the oven and bake until flesh flakes easily with a fork.

Preparing the Salsa Gravy

1. Plop all ingredients in a bowl.

2. Mix up the ingredients well.

The Grand Finale

Pour gravy on top of fish fillets. Next, grab a knife, fork and youre all set to lap up one of the most delicious paleo fish recipes ever!


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