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Why you need a separate phone number for sales

Why you need a separate phone number for sales

Sales calls are one of the best tools you have for growing your business. They help you connect with prospective customers and start building the type of relationships that have a direct impact on your company’s growth. As a small business owner, you have to get them right.

It starts with a separate phone number for sales.

A separate sales phone number helps you easily manage these calls in a professional manner, stay organized, and ensure that this first customer touchpoint is the best it can be.

5 reasons you need a separate phone number for sales

Making sales calls from your personal phone number doesn’t leave a great first impression, and it can cause other difficulties for you as well. Not only must you figure out which incoming calls are important, you have one voicemail inbox for personal and professional callers. Plus, it’s tough to track which customers need following up with.

Here are 5 ways a designated sales phone number will help you run more effective and efficient sales calls.

1. You appear more professional

With a separate phone number for sales, you’ll have an air of professionalism that assures potential customers your business is legitimate and credible. It makes the sales process that much easier when you’re doing everything you can to gain their trust early in the relationship.

A separate phone line also ensures that you can answer business calls the right way when customers call back. Using a personal phone number, you’ll always be guessing whether to answer the phone with a professional or personal tone.

SmartLine makes it easy to get this separate sales phone number. Plus, you can set specific business hours and a dedicated outgoing voicemail message. It’s never been easier to offer a professional experience whenever you interact with customers through this phone number.

2. Work/life balance is easier

A separate phone number for sales makes it simple to see which calls are for your business and which are for your personal life. If you’re just sitting down for dinner, for example, you can easily send that business call to voicemail and follow up later, instead of interrupting your valuable downtime.

SmartLine gives you access to written voicemail transcriptions as well, which lets you prioritize which calls are the most urgent or important and reach out when the time is right for you.

A separate number for sales also means you can text a potential client or customer without using your personal number. This ensures that business communications are professional and efficient for everyone involved.

3. You stay organized

Organization is one of the most important skills for any small business owner. Being able to gauge the importance of your incoming calls helps you prioritize, and seeing your business phone number on their caller ID provides a better overall experience for your customers.

With SmartLine, all of your business communication is shown in one place. Whether it’s a missed call, voicemail, or text message, you can easily see what’s top priority at a glance.

All calls to your separate sales phone number have a dedicated Caller ID as well. Add in customer details to create a contact history that shows how customers are moving through the buyer’s journey, all through a simple app on your smartphone.

4. The customer experience improves

In many cases, the sales call is the first step made towards a purchase. Start this journey with a great experience. With a separate phone number for sales, you can set dedicated business hours, record a professional voicemail message, and know when to answer your phone as a business owner (instead of a friend, sibling, patient, neighbor, etc).

Use SmartLine to send pictures from your sales phone number via text, too. By keeping all of your business communications in one place, you’ll be more responsive and prepared.

5. Your personal number remains private

Your personal privacy is a huge concern. A separate phone number for sales helps you keep your personal information private from customers and safe from potential phishing or other security threats.

With a sales phone number, you can be assured that all things business-related are tied only to that number, from billing to website hosting.

A virtual number from SmartLine ensures that you’re in complete control of every bit of communication that goes through that number. Everything is routed directly through your smartphone, where you can access it at any time.

Get your own sales phone number with SmartLine

SmartLine provides both local and toll-free numbers for small business owners tied directly to your current mobile device. There are no contracts or new equipment to purchase. It’s as simple as downloading the app — so start your free trial today!

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