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Common Keywords in Each Stage of a Funnel

Common Keywords in Each Stage of a Funnel

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Common Keywords in Each Stage of a Funnel

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The “funnel” goes by many names: conversion, consumer, keyword, sales. In the end, however, it all comes down to the idea that you want to customize your marketing strategy to match each stage of the process. Each section of the funnel corresponds to a different level of interest and intent on the part of the consumer.



The Sales Funnel


A problem is identified and consumers consider the possibility of a solution.


The consumer shows interest by engaging in active research, which is used to assess and evaluate the various options.


A decision is made and the consumer begins to consider the price.


A purchase is made, and the product is analyzed based on actual usage and effectiveness. In some cases, the consumer demonstrates satisfaction and brand loyalty by purchasing again.


The key is identifying where each customer is in the funnel in order to implement a unique marketing strategy that will maximize effectiveness.


When choosing your keywords it is important to always keep in mind the stage of the funnel you are targeting in order to produce the most effective keyword associations. The best way to do that is to categorize users by their search intent. You can then use that information to mold your content. Obviously, many of the words will vary from industry to industry. However, there are also plenty of somewhat generic keywords that can be used across a variety of sectors.


Awareness Keywords


What are

Why should


This is where people are just starting to address a problem. They are looking for information and advice in hopes of determining a solution. Or possibly they already know the problem and are trying to identify potential solutions. Because searches can be very general at this stage it is usually a good idea to use long-tail keywords. This narrows the target audience to people that more closely match your product. Let’s use the example that you own a website design company. Here are some top of the funnel keywords you may want to use:

Website design basics

Outsourcing website design

Using website design

Hiring website design

Benefits of professional website design


Interest Keywords

At this point, our fictional consumer has decided that, yes, they want to hire someone to handle their website design. Now they start the process of evaluating the possible choices and comparing them against each other. Typical searches will include the following:

Website design reviews

Website design companies

Popular website design

Best website design

Good value website design

Website design awards 2018

Design checklist

Website design comparison



We’re almost there. You’ve managed to get all your great information in front of the consumer and they like what they see. They are seriously considering hiring your company to design their website, they just need to work out the details. At this point, they are interested in pricing, packages, options, and included services. Since they have theoretically narrowed their search down to just your business, all of the following common keywords could include the name of your company.

How much


How long



What is included







It’s all happening now. You’ve been chosen, now you just need to provide the consumer with the means to become a customer. That can be a direct purchase, online download, or even through an email negotiation or phone call. This is where you need to offer up the details so they can finally put that credit card to use. At this stage, the common keywords are going to be very similar regardless of the industry.







Free Trial

So, there you have a starting point for working out your keyword distribution. The most important thing is to recognize which section of the funnel you are targeting with each piece of content. Then you can customize your keywords to match the mind-frame of the potential customer.

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