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The Secret to your Business Surviving the Covid Crisis

The Secret to your Business Surviving the Covid Crisis

The Secret to your Business Surviving the Covid Crisis

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By: Eva Webster| @

Posted On: May 14, 2020

Many business owners are in panic mode as the COVID-19 Crisis continues. With sales down, clients dropping campaigns and revenue at an all-time low, it looks like there is no end in sight. 

While it may seem like the pandemic is dragging on and taking your business with it, there is a secret to keeping afloat during the crisis and bringing you back to a profitable state after. 

We spoke to a number of business owners and CEOs to find out how business is doing three months into the pandemic. We found that many businesses were not doing well, but had learned some very valuable lessons. 

We also learned that many businesses were doing better and were actually so busy they couldn’t keep up. While many of these outcomes were dependent on the industry, there was one main factor that helped businesses keep their current customer base (and maybe even gain new customers). That factor: content marketing.

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What Do Your Customers Need?

When revenue decreases in a company, the first thing to go is marketing—this is a huge mistake. What your customers need right now is:

  • Tips for helping them get through the crisis
  • Awareness about your brand and what you are doing to help your customers through this crisis
  • Discounts and free services
  • Knowledge about what services your brand is providing in a clear and concise way

How can you do this? Content marketing.

Content Marketing During Covid

We get it. You don’t want to spend money when money is tight. But in order to keep your business top-of-mind during this crisis and after is to keep your marketing going and possibly even to increase it. Believe us, we do it, and the business owners that we spoke to also do it. 

And they get results.

“The biggest, most pivotal action I took this time around was keeping all of my marketing and advertising in place. I didn’t cut anything. That was my huge, HUGE mistake before—cutting my marketing profoundly compounded many revenue losses. Since then, I’ve sworn up and down that I would never cut my marketing again. Well, coronavirus put that pledge to the test, so I put my money (literally) where my mouth is (not as literally). And I’m so excited to report that it seems to be working already—our leads have returned to a normal range for a few weeks in a row, and last week our earnings jumped 33% back into a normal weekly range. It was a huge relief to see us finally rebounding after 4-5 weeks of really down numbers.” – Jony Gendusa of Postcard Mania

“We saw a jump in our revenue when we decided to increase content production. The decision to invest more in content production originates from receiving more site traffic. The unbelievable increase in our site traffic is probably because of the sheer number of people quarantined at home. With a lot of time in their hands, people are more likely to consume content on the internet to kill boredom. Because of that, we focused on using social media channels since activity in these platforms increased because of the quarantine. As such, it is a wasted opportunity if businesses do not exploit this chance to boost sales.” – Jeremy Owens, Seriously Smoked

Change Your Strategy

But, as we’ve mentioned before, changing up your content marketing strategy during the Covid crisis is key. Providing value to your customers by showing them how you are helping or by providing them tips to get by, is a very important content marketing strategy during the pandemic.

“We feel we were able to add significant value to many during these turbulent times via money-saving tips and ways to help our customers get by financially.” – Adem Selita, The Debt Relief Company

“By creating new marketing and website materials and investing time into community and industry outreach, I have managed to forge partnerships which will help to promote my practice and my personal brand.” – Jamie Bacharach, Jerusalem Acupuncture 

Change Your Products

If you use your blog or social media channels to promote your products (and you should still do this), think about the types of products that make the most sense for people in the current situation.

“We immediately pivoted our products towards people who would be spending lots of time at home.” – Tim Grinsdale, Toad Diaries 

“My solution is to keep my business on top of people’s minds and hope for the best. I created a free online escape room and I’ve invested some money in Facebook advertising to notify the public of this resource at a time when people are on social media more than ever. Hopefully, when life has normalized a bit more, they’ll remember my business! – David Blackmer, Mobile Escape 

Where to Begin

Want to ramp up your content marketing during the Covid Crisis, but don’t know where to begin? Book a strategy session with us and we’ll help you come up with some great ideas to get your customers engaged with your brand again. We offer very affordable content packages for small businesses and we are willing to work with your budget as you work to get your revenue back up. Let us know how we can help!

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