How To Succeed In Clickbank Affiliate Marketing


By: John T Adams

The sale of digital products has several great advantages, and the fact that the buyers receive instant gratification from the products they purchase gives it the potential of generating quite a substantial amount of revenue. Clickbank gives you a good opportunity to break even because you will find a great variety of products to promote at one place. However, you must be prepared to face a lot of competition, which is one of the main reasons why many affiliate marketers do not succeed. You therefore need to know how to go about your marketing.

Traffic, traffic, traffic

The first important thing you will need to take into consideration is how you expect to generate traffic. Without traffic, your marketing efforts are as good as dead. So, you need a very good strategy of generating traffic to your affiliate link, for it is this that will help you reach potential buyers.

Although there are many avenues you can use, they are essentially divided into two groups – paid advertising and organic traffic. Paid advertising is where you pay search engines to display your advertisement when users search for relevant keywords. With Pay Per Click, you will only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. You do not pay for the advertisement to be displayed.

If you do not make the right use of keywords to ensure that you get targeted traffic, however, your account can easily get depleted while you do not make any sales, for people will hit the back button without making any commitment.

Organic traffic refers to the people you send to your link by the use of rich content that is specific to your chosen product. When users search for what they want, your link will be displayed in the search engine results pages. This method requires patience, for it takes time to build.

In either case, the secret is to send targeted traffic.

Stay ahead

Another thing that will help you to make it as a Clickbank affiliate is to be on constant lookout for new products with great potential. You will then be able to start your marketing efforts ahead of other competitors.


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