We’ve all been on the receiving end of unsolicited spam calls –  those you receive at the most inconvenient times , attempting to sell a product or service, or worse, attempting to gather your personal data to use your credit card or social security info without your consent. 

For entrepreneurs and small business owners who use their personal phones for business, spam calls interrupt their daily interactions with customers , taking their attention away from what matters to their business. 

From the first half of 2018 to the first half of 2019, there was a 128% growth in robocalls says Hiya’s report

You already know the SmartLine mobile app enables users to differentiate business and personal calls by providing customers a second phone number for your business. This means, all of your business interactions are stored in the easy-to-use app and texting, call history, and voicemails are stored in your personal phone for easy access. 

Now, GoDaddy has officially launched the Spam Call Filter in GoDaddy’s SmartLine mobile app, a feature introduced in partnership with Hiya, the industry leader in nuisance and scam call protection. The feature sends spam calls from known black lists directly to voicemail, minimizing interruptions throughout the day for busy small business owners. 

So how does this benefit you?

A previous study commissioned by GoDaddy, found that more than half of small business owners consider 1:1 conversations with customers crucial to their business and 40 percent reported knowing whether an incoming call is a business or personal call would be helpful in managing their productivity. In fact, respondents noted they’ve answered calls non professionally thinking it was a robocall. 

In tandem, Hiya’s recent State of The Call report found that U.S. mobile users have received 25.3 billion robocalls in the first half of 2019 and 48 percent of calls U.S. mobile users receive are picked up, leaving more than half of all calls unanswered. 

With the Spam Call Filter feature, you don’t need to wonder whether an incoming business call is an actual customer or spam caller, allowing you to be reassured the person on the other end of the call is important to your business. Small business owners can now focus their attention to those  crucial 1:1 conversations with customers and not leave any calls go unanswered. 

U.S. mobile users have received 25.3 billion robocalls in the first half of 2019

Through an analysis of 13 billion global incoming mobile calls per month and expansive algorithms, GoDaddy SmartLine customers’ inbound spam calls will now go straight to voicemail and be labelled as spam in your SmartLine call history, giving you a third level of distinction  from the significant rise of robocalls. 

To help us do this, Hiya continually updates their database of spam numbers to protect customers from unwanted calls. This new feature will reduce the amount of unwanted calls ringing on users’ phones, providing customers 24/7 real-time spam call protection and a record of flagged spam calls in your SmartLine call history. 

At GoDaddy, we’re motivated to build solutions that make it easy for our customers to focus on what matters to your business and we’re excited to offer a new solution for minimizing unwanted spam calls. 

To learn more about GoDaddy SmartLine, visit: https://www.godaddy.com/smartline

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